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Air Conditioning Tips
Air Conditioning: Air Conditioning in Florida is a must. Life without it would be brutal. Just think of it, if your air is down for just one day in the middle of summer… I’d rather my car be broken.  Air Conditioning in Florida is just a fact of life and one we take for granted. Because of how much they cost to buy, how much they cost to run, and how much they cost to fix.  It would be smart to be informed on some of the most important facts that will affect you.

With that in mind, let’s throw some useful information at you. Your air conditioning system can pull, on average, 60% of your power bill, depending on the season and on the efficiency of your equipment. If you think about what you pay for power per month, let alone per year, that is a lot of your income. Like your car, you have to fuel your air conditioner too. Also like your car, that gets so many miles per gallon or (MPG), your air conditioner gets so many BTU’s per watt or (SEER) seasonal energy efficiency ratio.So SEER for your air conditioning system is like MPG is for your car. You think about the MPG when buying a car, so too you should think about SEER when buying an air conditioning system. With a car, the higher the MPG the better, also as with an air conditioner, the higher the SEER the better.With a car, the MPG will range from a poor 10 MPG to a great 50+ MPG. With an air conditioning system, the SEER will range from a poor 13 SEER to a great 20+ SEER. However, with air conditioning, the price goes up when the SEER goes up. But the good news is that as the SEER goes up, so does the REBATES you can get from FPL. Also good news, as the cost of the system goes up, so does your federal tax credit (the Federal tax credit maxes out at $1,500.00 per tax paying house hold).

When buying a new air conditioning system, be armed with the facts and do the math before making you’re investment.

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