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Ice makers Tips
The first thing I must note is the difference between ice makers and ice machines.

The common residential ice maker like the one you have in your refrigerator is completely different from ice machines like the larger commercial type you see in convenience stores, restaurants, McDonalds etc.

We service and sell both.

Frequently Asked Questions for residential ice makers:

Q: How do I make ice faster?

A: Most ice makers today harvest (cycles) based on temperature, so the colder the better. Most standard ice makers produce about 5 pounds of ice every 24 hours (about a half a bucket).

Note: If you make your freezer too cold and you have ice and water through the door, you can freeze the water line to the water dispenser. If this happens, just change the temperature back to normal.

Q: Why does my ice smell bad?

A: Well, it is not what you think. It is almost never the water. It is most likely to be something in the refrigerator, such as garlic, onions, etc. The refrigerator and freezer both share the same air, and it is the air that blows over the water in the ice maker that makes the ice smell or even taste bad. Water filters are good, but not likely to cure this problem. Clean out the refrigerator and/or store foods with a strong smells in an air tight container.

Q: Why are there flakes in my ice?

A: Assuming the water is clean, it is most likely due to the Teflon coating in the ice maker mold coming off in the ice. Some ice makers use a Teflon coated mold because the ice will release easier using that material. It is just like your frying pan. When they get old, the Teflon coating will flake off too. The only cure is to replace the ice maker, so give us a call at (941) 351-7998 and we can take care of that for you.

Q: What does it mean when the ice is too small or hollow?

A: That is a sign of a filter needs that needs to be changed or a bad water valve. If you change the water filter, assuming you have one, and you still have the same problem, you are likely to need the water valve replaced. If so, give us a call at (941) 351-7998 and we can replace it for you.
Note: Commercial ice machines are far more complex and none of the above applies for them.

Because of the various different manufactures and there approach to design, it is best not to run a Q&A for them. It would require a book to be written, actually, more than one.

Any Questions call (941) 351-7998

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